Bradley 1972 Mickey Mouse (Pie Eye) Watch

One of the most collectable and functional Swiss Movement Mickey Mouse Watches has to be the ubiquitous and retrospective Bradley Pie Eye Mickey Mouse Watch of the early 70s, the earliest design as displayed above. The packaging and presentation was consistently similar to the Timex/Ingersoll design, with the broad black strap and lined black plastic box displaying the legend 'Bradley' on the top of the lid and 'Bradley Times' logo with 'Mickey Mouse' and copyright Walt Disney Productions inside.
The design of the watch face consisted of a retrospective Mickey Mouse styling with white face, long snout, slim body and with 'Pie Eyes', a feature of the early Mickey Mouse illustrations of 'Steam Boat Willie'.
There were two main types of 'Pie Eye' Mickeys introduced, the earlier version was leaner with the right foot treading on the Nº7 numeral, with spindly hands and the sole of this shoe displaying a lined tread. The second version sometimes referred to as 'Fat Boy' displays a shorter rounder Mickey clearly centred on the dial with clean sole and similar or larger hands (depending on assembly).

Later versions consisting of shorter rounder Mickeys and rare examples of a 'Pie Eye' with sweeping second hand, gold case and smart gold and leather strap. An even rarer large 'Gold Face Pie Eye' was also produced.

Bradley (Circa)1975/78 Mickey Mouse Watch

The large cased Mickey Mouse 'Pink Face' Watch followed soon after the 'Pie Eye' as a new design and more modern Mickey. The large 35mm case was succeeded by the smaller 28mm and 25mm versions.

As official manufactureres of Mickey Mouse Watches (along with other Disney characters) to Disney World Bradley Elgin brought out the Mickey Mouse members watch in '75. The watch sported a 1" round red and white dial with Mickey's face and red watch hands centred on his nose.

Bradley 1978 Mickey Mouse (Bobbing Head) Watch

As contracted official manufacturers and distributers for their Mickey Mouse and other character watches worldwide, Bradley produced new Mickey Mouse watches including the sports watch with sliding dial and the Bobbing Head Mickey Watch along with its counterpart for girls the very rare Minnie Mouse Bobbing head watch, a passing reference to the early Nodding Mickey Clocks of Ingersoll and Bayard. In the late '70 Bradley also made use of Quartz technology.

In '78 a commemorative watch was introduced as a limited edition to celebrate Mickey's 50th year, with gold case, sweeping second hand and black and gold lined wrist strap presented in a commemorative box.
Bradley began use of Quartz the new time keeping technology and with the advent of Mickey's 50th anniversary also made a 1" commemorative gold case and face Mickey Mouse 'Pie Eye' quartz watch with date dial and sweeping second hand.

Bradley1973/78 The Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch



In keeping with the theme set by Ingersoll, Bradley also produced a Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch the first examples produce in '73. The layout of this watch was a homage to the first Mickey Mouse Ingersoll Pocket watch produced in the 30s. A detail being the separate seconds dial with Mickey stepping over. This watch in fact was the first Mickey Mouse Character Pocket produced since the Ingersoll line of the 30s. An English version from the same period displays the more modern sweeping second hand.

Bradley1972/78 Mickey Mouse Alarm Clocks
Bradley (Elgin) as producers of the official Disney timepieces also came out with a wide range of alarm clocks from the inception of their contract with Walt Disney Productions. One example as illustrated was very similar to clocks such as the'33 Ingersoll Mickey Alarm Clock Vintage and Bayard Nodding Mickey Mouse.